After having the Damon brace, I lost my removable retainer. My teeth are moving back, what should I do?

Hello Mr Patel. I had treatment on my teeth nearly a year ago. I had the Damon brace which was excellent. My teeth were really lovely in around a year or so.I then had the removable retainer as I didn’t know the fixed one existed- I was never informed of this from my dentist which I am, a bit miffed off about. Anyway I lost my retainer like a wollop and never ordered a new one thinking it would be OK. it’s been a good while now and I’ve noticed that my teeth have moved out of position- as if to start moving back to where they were before!! they obviously haven’t moved much yet as you can imagine. what would be the best course of action regarding treatment now? would I have to have a brace again or is there not something that can be done to fix them and then have the fixed retainer? thank you very much.
That is such as shame, but it is a common scenario we encounter. There are many things that can be done and it just depends on how much relapse of teeth has occurred. The best thing to do is to go back to your orthodontist and explain this, including why fixed retainers were not mentioned, and see what options are available. It sounds like you need a tidy up and then new retainers, maybe fixed ones for extra protection.
Good luck
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