Can braces cure my TMJ?

Hello doctor,

I am looking into getting braces but i believe that I suffer from TMJ. My jaw is always hurting and i sometimes can only get it properly opened a few inches. Would i be able to get a brace to correct my crooked teeth and would this affect my jaw pain any further? I really, really want straight teeth but if it is bad for my jaw then i guess i won’t be able to have it.

thank you for your time and any advice you can give

Hello  and thank you for your enquiry. This is very difficult to answer to give without seeing you in person,
It is feasible that straightening your teeth will make your TMJ better, or it may not change it at all, or there is even the possibility that it could make the situation even more worse ( unlikely but not impossible)

You really need to see a dentist and get an opinion if possible. I hope you find a dentist who can help you with your situation.

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