Can I have a fixed retainer instead of a removable one?

Dr, I have finished my brace treatment am on my second type of retainer. I used to have the removable ones but I hated them, they were like braces for life only I had to manage them, when I had my bracesfitted I was un aware of the retainer business afterwards andeven when told I wasnt bothered but the actual application of them used to wind me up. anyway I consulter my dentist about this and he said I could have a wire on the back of my teeth, why did they even bother taking my braces off? could you tell me about this wire thing im not sure I would like a mini brace stuck to the inside of my teeth, is it there then for the rest of my life also or would i be able to take it out after a particular duration? I know this sounds as though I’m an unhappy man but that’s not the case, I am really happy with the results of my brace, the dentist had it all to do when sorting my teeth out and managed it its just that I didn’t like the whole retainer issue afterwards, cheers

The wire is tiny compared to the actual brace.- there are no brackets and if they are put on well literally within 2 days its quite hard to even feel they are there,

Yes they really do need to be there for life. But once its placed you will forget about it.
Some might say that you could remove them eventually but the scientific evidence shows that retention should be for life.

I have one behind my upper teeth and other than while writing this- I wont think about it again today!!


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