Can I have braces that are discreet?

Hello Dr Maini,
I am 29 years old and have crooked teeth all along the bottom of mouth. Generally they are easy to hide day to day but i would like to get them straightened so that I don’t have to worry about hiding them anymore. If possible I would like braces that i can take out because I do not want the health of my teeth to suffer at all as I had a friend who had this problem.I really don’t want fixed braces because of how they look, and I would like something that works quite fast but is gentle as I hate pain! are there any braces which would work for my problem do you think? I have heard about clear braces but i really don’t know much information about them or if they would be suitable for me. If I have to have fixed ones I don’t think I would have braces treatment.
Depends on the severity of the crookness

if mild to moderate than an inman aligner or removable clear aligners may do the job avoiding fixed braces

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