Can I just get my top teeth straightened?

Hello, I do wonder if you can help, for years I have wanted a straight smile and now being 19 and going into the performing industry I really need my teeth straightening, however I have a small overbite and the last time I tried to go for a brace was when I was 14 and they gave me this metal palette upper and lower to move my jaw in place before I had the train tracks, but at 14, I couldnt speak with this brace in my mouth it was horrible and i never ended up proceeding the treatment, I was wondering if i was to have a brace, could I possibly not move my jaw and just get my top teeth straightened? I’m a student, and worried about fees too so I need to keep it cost effecient but still i need to straighten them. Would be excellent to hear back from you, and your advice + suggestions. Thankyou very much , Demi Jay
Hi thanks for question. There are many ways of correcting the problem you have eluded to nowadays. I suggest a consultation with an orthodontic specialist to find out what these newer options could be.
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