Can retainers cause cavities?

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Is there any way that retainers cause cavities? I always brush my teeth regularly, probably even more now I have my retainer. I clean the retainer with toothpaste and a brush, and I rinse with antiseptic mouth wash. But for some reason I still have cavities on my back, lower teeth. Can you explain this? I don’t really get it because I have always brushed my teeth and never had a cavity until I got my braces off and started wearing retainers at night. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or am I doing something wrong? I thought maybe it could be the build up of bacteria over night but this has never been an issue before? Thanks
If you brush your teeth and ideally rinse with a fluoride rinse, before inserting a clean retainer (and then not eating or drinking anything except water while it is in the mouth) it will not be the retainer causing the cavities.
Has your diet changed since wearing these retainers, for example do you eat or drink more sugary foods? I would speak to you dentist about your concerns and they may be able to identify why these cavities have arisen.
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