Can Six Month Smiles fix my mum’s protruding teeth?

Hi i am writing to you on behalf of my mother. she is 47 years old and wants to have braces. she visited a dentist several months ago and they examined her and said that she has a small lower jaw, deep bite with upper teeth overlapping the lower teeth vertically and that her upper teeth are very pushed forwards, spaced and proclined. but then she went of the idea but now is adament on doing them. so i was just wondering what would be the best thing to do. is the 6 month smile plan a good idea and roughly how much would it cost
Hi there and thanks for coming to us, it’s always best to seek as many opinions as possible before making a decision. I am sorry to hear about your mothers situation, your mothers age won’t affect whether or not she is eligible for orthodontic treatment and 6 month smiles treat above 80% of patients where their chief concerns are cosmetic, I’m just not sure if it would fix the bite.

Fees start from £1850 but I would recommend a consultation first. Anoop

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