Can you explain how lingual braces work and what is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Hi. I want a brace and am thinking about getting lingual brace. I began to do some research into them when I stumbled across the incognito ones which I think are pretty cool and look good as well as being the linguals I was thinking about getting. I was toying then between the incognitos and the tooth coloured brace but the lingual seems more for me and I can see how these two sets work so It makes more sense for e to do this. If I decide to have this done where do I go. I mean it wont be my dentist and all my friends have a dentist- then an orthodontist for any of their brace work. I know that an orthodontist is someone who specialises in tooth straightening and so on but what is the difference between an orthodontist and a specialist like yourself? and can you tell me a little bit about the incognito’s, I want the treatment to be as good as it can be despite the effort i am nervous! cheers
Incognito are very good but also expensive as made from gold. Each braces custom made to fit you and lone else- the brackets are made from gold and the wire robotically bent which means a smaller brace.
An Orthodontist or specialist orthodontist are both the same- they have studied to be a dentist and then go on to study, often for three years fll time, for an additional qualification- a masters degree in orthodontics. They have wealth of experience when it comes to moving teeth
A dentist who uses braces is not allowed to call themselves an orthodontist. They can do orthodontics but ot allowed to use the title ortodontist as they have ot completed the extra training.
You will find often that an orthodontist does oohing else all day every day where as a dentist will often drift,fill,pull and also a little orthodontics as well.

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