Can you recommend a good dentist in London?

Hello Doctor,
I have recently moved to the UK from Canada and would like to find out the best place to get braces for my son who is 15. In Canada we only has the option of a fixed highly viisble braces which he was not happy with.His top teeth are crooked as are the front teeth on the bottom set of teeth. We live in Surrey and I dont really know many people here to ask about the best dentist to go to or how the process works. Would you be able to tell me the best places in the Surrey or London area where i can take my son for an evaluation and a place that has a variety of braces, not just metal ones? Yours in thanks,
I am not familiar with surrey . We are welcome to London if it works for you to my clinic . The dentist you want to see is Dr Neera Maini
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