Can you tell me about the new Smart Bracket Braces? Which brace should I choose?

Hey there! I’ve heard about these new smart bracket braces? I don’t really understand how they work, can you explain? I looked on the internet and couldn’t really find anything, with that in mind i’m not a great user of the web! They look the same as a normal metal brace? With the introduction of invisalign surely people will go for that instead of an unsightly metal brace, I sure would anyway! I’m currently deciding as to which brace to go for, if the new brace system is a lot quicker then i might be persuaded to go for that one! Between invisalign and the smart bracket which do you think is the most practicle? I did think about lingual braces but i have heard quite a few negative reviews about these! Let me know what your thoughts are! Thanks you!

I am not aware of the smart brackets as there are many different brackets on the market.

We carry out many lingual cases, and they are appropriate dependable on the case.

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