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What type of braces would be suited to my narrow arch and two front teeth that stick out?

July 8th, 2011

Hello doctor,

My doctor tells me that I have a narrow arch on my top jaw and i have always noticed that my smile is quite narrow and ‘rattish’ This isn’t helped by my two sticky out front teeth which have also bugged me all my life. I now have the money to spend on decent braces and a good smile for the first time in my life, but would obviously like to make an informed decision about the braces I choose. Which, in your opinion would be best suited to my condition?

thank you for reading my message and any help you can give

dr anoop maini

Anoop Maini

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Can you recommend a braces system that can fix my teeth before wedding day?

July 8th, 2011

Hello Doctor, can you please assist me with my enquiry. I am looking for a brace system which could have be ready for my wedding which is in two months. My front teeth protrude a little bit, but apart from that I have no other orthodontic problems. I have recently come in to some money and think it would be well spent on a good looking smile for my wedding, so could you also quote me on the price of the brace to see if it fits within my budget?

Thank you very much for any advice you can give

dr tif qureshi

Tif Qureshi

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Would I be able to get braces or a retainer on the NHS?

July 8th, 2011

Hello Dr Hutchinson. i had a brace when i was about 13- 14 and had 4 teeth removed due to over crowding i had head gear at night to bring one tooth on the top down and elastic bands but when i had them removed i didn’t wear my retainer i had no problem untill i had turned 21 ad fell pregnant when my wisdom teeth started to grow i have had all 4 of them removed but now i am 28 i have noticed my teeth arent as straight as they should be the bottom are more crooked and some of them overlap and on the top one of my teeth stick out just a little bit would i be able to get a brace or retainer on the nhs just to strighten them out

Dr Ian Hutchinson

Ian Hutchinson

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