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How much does gum grafting cost?

December 16th, 2011

Hi Doctor! I am currently in the process of straightening my teeth with orthodontic braces. I am 25 years old and my problems started when my dentist established that I clench my teeth when I sleep. I am have a malocclusion which the braces are sorting out well. I have four teeth which have receeded and I’m worried about them. Would you be able to let me know how much it would cost in the uk to have a gum graft completed?. Does the cost include just one tooth or would they work per site. I would need at least four gum grafts, and just wanted to know a realistic quote. Also would you be able to recommend any one for such a procedure. I am just worried that I have spend a substantial amount of money to have the brace and would like the receeding gums to be treated. Would it be best to have the gum graft once the brace comes off? Kindest regards

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My gums are bent forwards, can a brace fix this and how much will it cost?

November 9th, 2011

i was recently told by a doctor that my gums are bent forward causing the area under my lips to appear bigger and creating speech impairment. i was told putting braces could help put back my gums in place.i would like to have further information on this and know the approximate cost and time it will take. i also want to know whether iam covered by NHS since iam a full time student aged 19. what are the treatment options adn is this treatment covered if i have a dental insurance?thank you very much

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I have flattened teeth that bleed and I need my teeth straightening, can you help me please?

October 21st, 2011

since five years back my right front teeth have become flat and bleeding lightly. I could not be able to chew by my front teeth due to flatness. Sometimes my gum is I find itching and painful & also swollen. I could not be able to smile comfortably due to my red gum and flat teeth. Hence for this i would like your goodself to kindly help me out my problem that i want to straighthen my front teeth anyhow. for this how much will cost and what i need to do to find out good dentistry out here in India? Then how do i get appointment for the treatment since i am living in a remote area far from the city exreame corner of Nagaland state

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My over-the-top dentist says I have the start of gum disease. Wouldn’t braces make it worse?

September 14th, 2011

hello, my dentist said i have the start of gum disease but hasnt done anything about it, they dont bleed when i brush or floss only sometimes like when im ill or when im due on my period, im also on the contreceptive pill which could also be why i have red gums. Also I have always had quite dark gums since being in primary school im 18 now. Well im due at the othodontist next week and was wondering wouldnt having braces make it worse? They didnt suspect any gum disease when they checked my mouth, im just very worried. My dentist sometimes is a little over the top

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