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Are Damon braces suitable for closing gapped teeth?

October 12th, 2011

How long approximately would it take for a traditional fixed brace to close gapped teeth/ is this quicker than treating crooked teeth if not im am considering having a more advanced correction system but if so I am quite happy to go ahead on the basis that, correct me if im wrong, it takes braces approximately two years to straighten teeth. does this mean then that traditional braces are the slowest? what alternative would be nearly as slow but better cosmetically would it just be Damons (they look almost the same but smaller) or would it just be a case of getting tooth coloured ones? Im just thinking that linguals will be to much and being as I have gaps you would still see the wire behind the teeth.

Dr Ian Hutchinson

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I like the look of Incognito lingual braces. Would you say these are the best type of cosmetic brace?

October 7th, 2011

Ive looked at lingual braces as I dont want the normal ones. ive seen that there are issues with patients who take these treatment having problems with their speech and diets. Ive looked at the incognito type and correct me in thinking this but being the design it is it looked like doesn’t extrude off the teeth as much as the social 6 fiitment type if this is the case then surely speech will be affected less and quicker to get over? is this the case? also how long- abouts does this type of treatment take to straighten teeth? wuold you say this was the best option for cosmetic type braces when it comes to straightening crooked teeth or is there a better method, for example which would be the quickest, which one os most practical? im looking to have them done you see and if im paying out for the best treatment I need the better methods.

dr adam thorne

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Is it only metal braces available on the NHS? How long would treatment time be?

October 3rd, 2011

I am trying to get braces for my child he needs them, he is currently 15 and had crossed teeth which are pretty bad, ive looked at your case studies on this website and was impressed with the way the teenage boys have turned out (the third case study on there) as my boy is in a similar point right now i wanted to know how long they would take to get to that point of being straight when they are overlapped and the gum line is uneven my son does not have an overlap/bite. what braces can i get that would sort this out are available on the NHS or is it just the traditional braces that are? i know you cannot be exactly sure but an estimate of how long it would take also would be amazing thank you

dr sharon orton-gibbs

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