Could I have treatment for my crooked teeth?

I am a 56-year old woman with very crooked front teeth which have got progressively worse over the years, partly due to a phobia of dentists. I have an overbite and my two top front teeth overlap. The lower ones are worse, due to overcrowding, but are not so visible. I live in Paris, but would prefer to have the treatment done in London. Would you be able to give me an idea of cost, type and duration of treatment from an x-ray, please?
Many thanks in advance.
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Difficult to give you an exact cost without seeing you, but if you could send some photographs, x-ray and models of your teeth that would help and we could discuss your options and guide figures. We would also like to know your dental health – that is how often you see a dentist and hygienist – that everything is healthy before starting treatment. Please do feel free to call my office on +44 207 636 5981 or for more information.
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