Does it hurt when you get braces?

currently I’m eleven years old and a few weeks ago I had a visit to the orthodontist’ and she asked me when do I want my braces put on and I said next year (my teeth are so crooked) because I was scared that I’d be the only person in my school to have braces; now I feel like I want them done today ( we may consider getting them in a month) or so although I’m still a bit worried. My Questions’:
Does it hurt when you get braces?
what procedures do I have to go through?
how long do I keep my braces on for?
and…Which colours are available for braces?

Thank you

Firstly please don’t worry,having your braces put on is painless.I would suggest you call them and ask if someone can see you with one of your parents so that you an be fully informed as to types of braces and length of treatment.Most orthodontists offer many different colours I,m sure one of the nurses would be really happy to show you.
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