Does my son actually need his teeth removing to have a brace?

My son who is now15 years old has protruding teeth and difficulty in closing the mouth perfectly because of this ,The local doctor advised him to go for orthodontic treatment seeing his case . After making the mold and photos he advised to extract 2 premolars each from upper and lower jaw . Was x ray not needed to confirm , which teeth is to be removed or it can be decided just from the mold and photographs ?

We usually assess how far the teeth are protruding or how much crowding there is. If they are too far forward and need to come back or too crowded, sometimes we need to remove teeth to create space for this. Usually we remove premolars if the teeth and gums are generally healthy as they aren’t the very front teeth so doesn’t affect things aesthetically.

However if there is any sign of problems or a poor prognosis with other teeth then these may be chosen in preference to the premolars and so an x-ray should be taken to confirm this (and prior to the actual tooth removal).

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