Having lost a premolar what should I do regarding the gap left behind – orthodontics and implants?

Hi Darsh,
I have lost an upper premolar (some root still present) and intend to get an implant there are however a few things I would like to know first. first of all; A) Can my teeth still be straightened (both arches) even if this ‘gap’ is present?
B) If so, is there one particular system that you would recommend in this case over another?
C) Would you recommend getting the implant done first, and then the orthodontics after?

Many thanks for your advice in advance,

Hi, Orthodontics can be used for may problems. Teeth can be straightened if there is a gap present. It may even be possible to close the gap with orthodontics? I would generally suggest no implants until after orthodontics. The best thing to do at this stage is to have an orthodontic consultation with a specialist Orthodontist to decide what options are available.
Good luck
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