How can i get straight teeth?

My two front teeth bend severely inwards but over the years my dentist hasn’t pushed for me to have anything done about it. In the past I have been told that in order to wear braces I would first have to have some teeth extracted as I have overcrowding.So, say I have some teeth extracted-then what braces would be best to make my two front teeth straight and realign the rest of my teeth? I don’t want the most expensive treatment but I don’t want them to really stand out…Any help or advice you could pass my way would be fantastic. Thanks
Generally brace work costs between £1500 to £4000 depending on the appliances used and the aims of the treatment.

Several approaches do not require the removal of teeth.

What appliance and whether teeth will need to be removed depends obviously on the clinical situation.

I would be surprised if your problem couldn’t be corrected.

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