How do Lingual braces actually work?

Can you tell me how the lingual braces are actually attached to the teeth and if you wouldn’t mind I would like some detail on this. This is the part of the treatment that really scares me. I don’t mind the thought of wearing braces for a long time as long as I’m getting what I pay for but I’m not all that comfortable with hands routing around my mouth and all the wires and any pain. Please tell me if till be all good!
Yes, lingual braves are bonded to the teeth like fixed braces that go on the fron of the teeth.
It does take a few days getting used tout- sore tongue and a lisp but after that most patients think lingual braces are fantastic as no one can see them
No pain no gain! If you want straight teeth then you have to get on with it- if it was so bad then no one would want it and we would all be out of a job. Good luck if you choose the treatment
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