How does Six Month Smiles fare in comparision to traditional braces?

Hello, I have gaps between a few of my front teeth and everyone, family and local dentist has suggested I have braces that’ll sort them out. yes they probably will. but I don’t want braces i have never heard one person say they didnt mind them- everybody hates them and everyone else hates to look at them! admittedly i know of nobody that has regretted treatment as they all now have straight teeth which is why I do want treatment of some form. I have looked at your website and see you are a top provider of six month smiles. these appeal to me massively for obvious reasons being that its quicker. does 6 month smiles have the same drawbacks as traditional braces just over a smaller amount of time? in terms of eating and so on. and will my teeth need no further corrective treatment/attention/retention after treatment is completed?
6MS uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires so it is far more discreet than traditional metal braces. The feel is similar to traditional braces though 6MS does use lighter forces so tends to be more gentle on teeth. Average time is 4-9 months.

Retainers are critical with ALL orthodontic treatment

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