How frequently will I need to visit my dentist once my braces are fitted?

Hello, I saw an offer on Groupon to have Invisible STb Lingual Braces on either your top or lower teeth for £975 (inc. retainer). However, in the next few months, I will be travelling on and off. Can you please let me know how frequently I would need to have appointments once the braces are fitted – and is it a big problem if I am away for, say a month, and can’t have the appointment during that time. Any other advice you have would be appreciated too. Thank you. Louise
Hi Louise,

Thank you for your question.

Braces whether they are fitted on the outside or the inside of your teeth require regular adjustment appointments which are usually on average every 6-8 weeks; however this does depend upon your treatment plan and may sometimes be required with shorter or longer intervals. It would not be a problem if you were away for 4 weeks as you can accommodate your adjustments around being away, however if you were away for a long period of time or did not keep to your recommended regular adjustment intervals, your treatment may get delayed meaning that you may have braces on for longer.

I would suggest that you have a consultation with a specialist orthodontist to see if the STB lingual braces are the right option for you and to determine how often they will require seeing you and how long they anticipate the treatment will take.

I hope this helps and good luck.


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