How is Six Month Smile different to Invisalign and the Inman Aligner?

Hi there , I am a little confused as to what six month smiles offer. I respect that they are quick and so on but if i had Invisalign or the inman aligner for example they would be much quicker. what I don’t understand is how can these three methods take less than/up to six months when the traditional braces take up to two years? what exactly do they do that these other methods don’t and if it’s nothing then why is this method still in circulation and offered as the main orthodontic treatment? I want braces you see and I’m worried that by vying for a quicker option I will be vying for the wrong option. I want the best and as such need to know these things? cheers
Six months smiles, inman aligner are suitable only for correcting the anterior teeth for cosmetic reasons only. Conventional treatment , which may take up to 2 yrs is recommended in most cases as this corrects cosmetics in the anterior and posterior region aswell as your bite.

Damon is something I routinely use , which is quicker then normal conventional braces.

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