How long does it take to have braces fitted?

Hello there, i am getting orthodonic braces fitted on my top teeth only in two weeks and i would like to know what will happen step by step during the procedure as i am a little nervous. How long approxiamely will i have to keep my mouth stretched open for because my appointment is forty minutes long and i dont ant to keep my mouth open for that long? Will i be able to have the colour bands put onto my braces when i first get them or will it have to be at my second appointment?
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Chill – your mouth won’t be open for 40 minutes !

Every orthodontist is different but I would think – cheek stretchers, salvia sucker 9to keep your mouth dry), apply gel cleaner to teeth – wait 30 seconds, wash, dry, condition (small brush) gently place brackets on teeth, shine light to set cement
Remove cheek stretchers
Place wires

Simple ! no pain/no injections/no drilling- what could be easier!

Oh yes, you should be able to have colours on the first visit – unless they are mean and don’t have them !

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