How much do invisible braces cost?

Hello  i am 21 years old. I live in Rochdale, Greater manchester and, and i really want to gt some braces fitted.I would just like to know he following questions. How much would it cost for mee to get braces? Invisible ones? Would it cost mee to come make an appoitment? And would i have to pay evrytime i come for a checkup?
Thankyou. Would like to hear from you soon.
Hi ,

Thank you for your questions.

Invisible braces are a great option; I would highly recommend that you book a consultation with a specialist orthodontist to explore all the orthodontic options which are available to you and the associated costs.

The cost of the braces really does depend upon the complexity of your case, whether you have both arches treated or just one and what appliance you decide to utilize. Usually the cost of orthodontic treatment incorporates your appliances, fit of appliances, adjustments and removal of appliances. However sometimes retainers which are required at the end of treatment to hold onto your end result are included within the overall cost or sometimes they are charged at an additional cost.

It would be worth finding all this information out at your consultation, as every clinic varies.

Good luck with your orthodontic journey and I hope the above has helped.


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