How much does gum grafting cost?

Hi Doctor! I am currently in the process of straightening my teeth with orthodontic braces. I am 25 years old and my problems started when my dentist established that I clench my teeth when I sleep. I am have a malocclusion which the braces are sorting out well. I have four teeth which have receeded and I’m worried about them. Would you be able to let me know how much it would cost in the uk to have a gum graft completed?. Does the cost include just one tooth or would they work per site. I would need at least four gum grafts, and just wanted to know a realistic quote. Also would you be able to recommend any one for such a procedure. I am just worried that I have spend a substantial amount of money to have the brace and would like the receeding gums to be treated. Would it be best to have the gum graft once the brace comes off? Kindest regards
You should have the teeth moved back into bone as much as possible while the braces are on. This will help you the most and then once this has been carried out the gum graft (Gingival tissue Graft) would need to be placed ideally by a Periodontist (gum specialist). They would advise on costings at the time of seeing you. I would also suggest you go and see them now while the braces are on so that they can advise what is and is not possible, this may then modify the braces treatment that has already started.
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