How much would braces be to treat my cross bite?

Hello Adam, I’m just wondering I have a few gaps between my teeth at the bottom I was also told I had a cross bite I’m paranoid about the gaps and I’m thinking of having braces to close the gaps up but only on the bottom how much would I be looking to pay ? I did mention to my dentist about the NHS but he says I’m too old even though he saw me when I was 18 and didn’t really do anything, or do you have any other advice ?

Many thanks  and I look forward to hearing from you over this matter as it is starting to get me down.

Hi there, Yes braces will be able to close these spaces, though is it unlikely you will now get this on the NHS unless really severe. Finance is available through most dental practices and you may find treatment starts from as little as under £100 per month depending on the type of braces used.
I would book a consultation to find out your options and the exact costs involved.
Good luck
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