How much would braces cost to close front two teeth gap?

Hello i was wondering if you could give me a rough idea how much id be looking at to get my gap in my front two teeth closed? i have had braces before but they got took of to early and left me with a little gap i cant fit a two pence peace in it it may be small but still want rid of it but like i said i need a rough idea what prices and how long it would take as im in the Army so dont get time to do this kind of stuff. Thank you
Thanks for the question

I’m sorry that you were unable to finish your first course of orthodontics to your satisfaction. Closing this space should be straightforward for a Specialist Orthodontist to achieve for you and after a proper examination they will be able to give you a treatment plan and its cost. The fee could be from £1,500 if this is a routine treatment of just one arch but if your occlusion (bite) is more complicated then it will be somewhat more than that. I am sorry that I cannot be more specific. You may be eligible for clear aligners that don’t need so many adjustments, this might work better with your current job. Hope this helps – I’d get an opinion with a specialist practitioner and see what they have to say.

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