How safe is it having orthodontics abroad?

I have been thinking about getting braces but cannot afford the lingual ones I want in the UK. What is the status on having orthodontics abroad now because I figure a lot of dentist go abroad to train and join groups etc. yet you so often hear horror stories about receiving treatment abroad. is it simply that people sill dont trust foreign clinics or is there a genuine concern with going abroad. if you can save money in the process then how can it be a bad thing? Im not saying this is what im doing and not listening to anything else, im trying to find out what’s best and consulting people in the know like yourself. what would you recommend on the subject?
Generally I would say BEWARE and do your homework first. Far too often I have seen and heard that patient’s have had braces fitted abroad and then to have the adjustments done here. This does not bode well as the placement of the brace is so important to the end result and they tend be poorly placed. Quite often it requires lots of alterations and therefore cost! In the end costing more than having it done here!

I suggest finding someone competitively priced in your area, that you can trust to get you the result you want!
Good luck

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