I am concerned about the brace removal process, will it hurt? Also do you recommend a fixed or removable retainer?

Dear Dr Patel, I currently have six months smile braces on and they are due for removal in a few weeks. I am just concerned about the removal process will this hurt? are they pliered / pulled off? will it damage my teeth or leave marks. Also do you recommend a fixed retainer or a removable one? with a fixed retainer is it still ok and easy to floss? will there be any initial movement ? Thank you for your help.
Brace removal should be a straight forward and predictable process, so as long as the person doing your braces is experinced in taking them off, all should be fine! Removable retainers are a means of holding te teeth in place and are essential. Fixed retainers are another form of glued in retaines which allow greater security of holding onto the end result. The do make it difficult to keep them clean so advice will need to be sought from you orthodontist about how to keep them maintained and clean etc.. And finaly the retainers will help minimise/move back any teeth that have had initial movement while they are being made!
Good luck
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