I am looking to get Damon braces, but need some advice on the cost, can you help?

Hi ADAM. I live in Maidstone so just outside London, I have always tried to stear clear of London when having any type of treatments be it a doctors for treatment, dentist- check ups, filling, hygienist and now orthodontists for braces for the simple reason that London is more expensive than anywhere in England for anything. the problem is- and this is probably why, is that all the top quality places (for anything) are based in London like yourself at Harley street. I need braces to close gaps in my teeth and am fancying the Damon brace as I’ve heard good things. what are your thoughts on the Damon brace and how much would it cost inside London (typically) to outside London, ish/difference. and would it be worth going into London and paying or do you think it would make no difference. Im left pondering my next move, thank you
The Damon brace is a very good system due to its self ligating brackets (meaning they have a lockable component in the bracket that locks the wire and moves teeth quicker and more predictably). The original Damon brace is metal colour but you can also get this tooth coloured – known as Damon Clear. Other braces you may like to consider is the Incognito brace (an inside fixed brace)
I would try and avoid price comparisons as every case is different and tailor made, plus I recommend you look at the orthodontist’s experience. However as a guide figure its is around £5000 for the Damon, including fixed retainers and £5800 for the Damon Clear.
Good luck
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