I am near the end of my Invisalign treatment but am not totally happy. What can I do?

Hi, I am currently having invisalign in London. I am basically at the end of treatment, I had 11 trays, and now am on 12+ on both top and bottom, but my orthodontist didnt really want to give me the 12+ trays. It was only because I am still concerned by teeth aren’t fully straight that he did this. It’s one tooth on top inparticular which hasn’t fully rotated. I was given the impression that if this didn’t sort it, there wasn’t much more he would be able to do. I have seen online that some clinics offer refinement with invisalign… Do you know if this is true for all clinics and whether it would be included in the original price? I was told when I signed up that at the end of treatment, he could make little tweaks if you weren’t completely happy with the treatment. What do you think? Many thanks.
Generally speaking if you are not happy and the teeth are not straight, then refinement would be the option to make these tweaks. This is usually included as part of your price and the orthodontist/dentist has already paid for this facility. It does however mean having new impressions taken to have more aligners made. There are a few exceptions but even with these 1 course of refinement is generally included.

I would air your views to your orthodontist/dentist and see what else can be done!
good luck

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