I am not able to smile or talk with confidence, my dentists wants to remove 4 teeth and put a brace on, will this work?

I am now 23 years old female.i had done dental treatment done almost six years ago now.i had a complex problem, by birth my lower jaw was inside.during the treatment it was brought forward using twin blocks.Then braces were fitted to bring it back, it was fine after it firstly got done. However after about 15months my teeth came forward, it was fixed using retainers. But the problem is there is still projection of teeth. You can hardly see it from outside.I am not able to smile well or talk with confidence. When I visited my dentist I got told that the only possibility is to remove 4 of my teeth, top from the top and two from the bottom and then put on braces.Would this work? Also if teeth were taken out then could dental implants be placed there instead of my teeth? Also I am missing 4 molars, one from each quadrant of my mouth, should I just try getting braces again without removing any teeth?
Removal of teeth may be required before having braces but I cannot tell whether this is the case with your orthodontic treatment. You may want to look into the Damon System, with this system extraction of teeth is rare, although it may be indicated in some cases
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