I am researching getting orthodontic treatment, Is there a way you can get unbiased reviews of dentists in your area?

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I am considering having some orthodontic treatment as I am not completely happy with my teeth. I am in the process of researching potential dentists and clinics to have this done. I live in quite a remote place in the country in the north west of England. I was wondering if there are any websites where you can get unbiased reports of dentists in your area. I have seen a lot of websites saying how great the dentist at their clinic is. I’m sure every dentist is highly trained but I just want the best there is around, mainly because of my fear for the dentist, so if I go I want to be sure I’m in the best hands, can you recommend any clinic, dentists or websites that would be useful to me? Thank you for your time.
When researching a dentist, I would recommend you look at their before and after case galleries and look at their CV to see what training they have had and how much postgraduate training they are receiving.
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