I am uncertain about my lingual braces

After having undergone 6 months of social 6 lingual brace treatment I have found the results to be disappointing & believe that my case was a little too severe for such an appliance. I am now looking into getting a full arch lingual brace to correct alignment & crowding problems. In order to achieve this it’s evident that the arch on my left side needs to be expanded outwards (from my canine back) to create a more rounded/arched shape & in doing so create space to alleviate the crowding of my canine & lateral incisor & as a result allow correct alignment. My question is can the full arch lingual brace perform this sort of correction or would I be better off going with an arch expander first to correct the arch shape & then the lingual brace to align everything as desired? With thanks.
It depends on the amount of arch expansion required and how the teeth fit into the bite, however a lot of the full lingual appliances (such as Incognito) can treat arch expansion successfully.
Lingual braces treatment is quite specialised and I’m sure your orthodontist would have considered your best options.
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