I don’t think my aligners are working

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I am currently wearing clear aligners and have been for the past three months but I am getting worried that they are not working. I have seen no movement at all even when i use the next set of aligners every few weeks. i asked my dentist and he said that there is minimal movement at the start and to be patient but as they are so expensive I am concerned that I have chosen the wrong kind of braces. Is there anyway that I could ask to change braces or would I have to pay fthe full amount for these and another kind of brace? i think I want fixed braces as i would feel more secure knowing they are definitely moving my teeth. is this normal to have no movement yet?
If the dentist who gave you the clear aligners replaces them with fixed braces

There is usually a reasons why teeth dont move with clear aligners it could be not enough space or inadequate wear. Also clear aligners do tend to move teeth slowly. I would speak to your dentist I am sure he will have a good explanation

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