I don’t think my Inman Aligner treatment is straightening my teeth properly, what can I do?

Hello doctor , my case is that i have a very big overbite, and now a few months ago, i went to a cosmetic dentist for treatment and i was given the imnan aligners fitted on my upper and lower teeth, i have been wearing them , but apart frm both sides of my teeth looking straighter, the over bite still remains the same which is of concern i must say.When i expressed this to my dentist, she told me it takes longer for some people.what can i do?I fill am just wasting time wearing them as my teeth are almost the same as before i had them. thank you for your time
Thanks for the question

I’m sorry to hear of your concern. The Inman aligner is a removable appliance to improve minor irregularities, not normally bite discrepancies. Most Specialist Orthodontists do not feel the need to include it in their range of appliances because of its limitations and that there are more efficient and comfortable ways of achieving the same or a better result. You have chosen to see a cosmetic dentist rather than a Specialist Orthodontist to straighten your teeth. If you have concerns about treatment outcome I would return to your cosmetic dentist and get them to confirm precisely how they expect your teeth to end up. You might like to ask how long they have been using Inman aligners, and how many patients they have treated – this will give you some idea of their level of experience. Any Specialist Orthodontist or cosmetic dentist should be happy to talk about their previous experience with the appliances they provide – as a general rule, if they have treated less than 20 patients and/or have been using the appliance for less than 18 months then they can still be considered as fairly new to the appliance. If you are not satisfied with the answers that you get, then you will need to seek a second opinion with a Specialist Orthodontist – who will tell you whether the result that you desire is possible with Inman aligners. From what you describe it may not be possible to achieve the results you desire.

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