I feel like my Invisalign aligner isn’t putting enough pressure on my teeth, does this ever happen?

Hi Sharon, I’m a little confused as to orthodontic treatments for me, I went for a consultation about six months ago whereby I was told my crooked teeth were suitable for Invisalign treatment, which is what I really wanted at the time as they just offered everything I wanted for stuff I didnt mind going through at all. the problem came later, short while after I had my impressions taken and given my retainers i followed treatment correctly getting new retainers at approximate two week intervals. anyway when I got and started wearing my third retainer I couldn’t feel any pressure on my teerth at all it felt like the second one had done near the end of its lifespan, I went back to the dentist and he rightfully pointed out how they were indeed different, so at that point we took more impressions and went again, the new retainer felt better but we then had the same problem with what would have been the fourth instalment of retainers. my dentist suggested that they wernet moving my teeth hardly and that I should look at other appliances? have you seen this as being the case before now and what appliance should I go for If my teeth are barely crossed as they are now when Invisalign struggled to move them? what would be your next step if at this point I was your patient?
Thanks for the question

It is relatively common for my patients to tell me that some Invisalign aligners feel more active than others, don’t worry – this doesn’t mean Invisalign is not working. There has been one occasion (in my 10 years experience) when Invisalign had a production problem and an aligner for a patient was softer that normal. However you would notice that the aligner feels different outside the mouth, and I would have thought the chance of this happening twice to you were remote in the extreme.

There are lots of reasons why teeth can move less well than predicted, and many solutions an experienced orthodontist using Invisalign can apply to resolve these problems. I suggest that you dicuss your concerns with your clinician and if you are not happy with his/her suggestions you can always seek a second opinion with a Specialist Orthodontist who uses Invisalign regularly.

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