I had a brace for 2 years but a year later my teeth are worse than before. I have cracks in my teeth too, what can i do?

i had few orthodontic treatments since 11age im now 22. the last treatment was braces for my teeth. i had it 2 years when i was in age 19 to 21. but its now 1 year later. my teeth are in a bad situation than previous. i feel it very loose and came towards. then i used to press them physically by harder things i stopped that foolish thing after i broke a half of a tooth now i can see lots of cracks on my front teeth cuz i did this. and i feel my entire teeth are loose why this happened. i was great just after my treatments now iv even loosen my personality too. i live in sri lanka. what should i do doctor? what had happened them?
Hi I am sorry to hear that you are still having trouble with your teeth. You will need to get a dental assessment to check that you do not have any underlying issues such as periodontal “gum disease” which is the most common reason for loose teeth. I do not know what retainer regime you are on but the retainers are important to keep the teeth in the right place. This will need to be assessed to make sure you are on an appropriate regime to maintain your end result.
Hope this helps and good luck!
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