I had a wire glued to the back of my teeth but now my teeth have started moving again, what should i do?

Hey Raha, Got a bit of an issue going on! I had a brace about 6 or 7 years ago, and when i got it off the dentist asked me if i wanted a removal retainer or a wire glued to the back of my bottom teeth to stop them from moving. The thing is they have started moving so this wire is now useless! What are my options, because obviously a wire is not working anymore so will i have get something else like a retainer to stop them from moving? if so how much does something like that cost? I should have got this information sooner but its just been so hectic i didnt get round to it and also i hate going to the dentist unless absolutly necessary! But now i think it is!! Some advice would be great! Thanks!
Hello, it really depends on what you wish, do you want to correct the teeth that have moved or do you just want to keep them in place so they don’t move any further. If you just want to maintain the position, you will need new retainers and I would recommend both a fixed wire and a removable one. I would recommend you see a dentist who has training in teeth straightening to find out all your options and costs
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