I have a few issues with my teeth, am I still able to have a brace fitted?

Hi Darsh.
My question is about whether or not I actually can have braces. I had overcrowding problems as a teenager, and after examining my teeth I can see that the dentist has extracted my lower left first premolar and my lower right lateral incisor. Therefore, my bottom teeth aren’t symmetrical. I also have two wisdom teeth that have impacted at an awkward angle. I’m not concerned about my lower teeth, I’m looking to have my upper teeth corrected. My upper teeth are symmetrical but not straight. Before I book a consultation, do these previous extractions on my lower teeth disqualify me for orthodontic treatment or make it more difficult/expensive? Thank you.
It sounds like you have had an unusual extraction pattern, however this should not disqualify you from having orthodontic treatment especially if it is just upper arch treatment. I would be very surprised if it does. The difficulty/expensive factor no one can advise on until you have had a consultation to determine where your teeth position and bite is at the moment.
Hope this helps makes things a little clearer now.
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