I have a mild overbite, i am only 16 but how much will it cost me to have braces put on?


I have a mild overbite on my upper (the tooth is at an angle rather than straight down) and under-bite tooth on the bottom layer of teeth. I believe that without the help of braces my overbite will make all allow all of the other teeth in line with that tooth to slant. So far i am not experiencing any issues with the normal functions of the bite. However it does concern me that i will have crooked teeth. Therefore i am requesting braces. Would this option be available? If how much would it cost, i am under the age of 18 (Currently 16) and will be attending sixth form in September, if regarding costs how much do you think it will be in order for me to have them and if so which braces? Again it is only two teeth on the upper jaw line and one on the lower line. It did start out as one but is slowly pushing the other teeth to overlap the next. As i am requesting it will cost, i am aware. As i am requesting will it still be possible or will my dentist say there is no need? I would strongly like to have not full braces as i don’t have really bad teeth although something to straighten then.

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Hope you can get back to me with my questions soon. I have booked an appointment with the consultant.

there are many treatments available to straighten crooked teeth: damon braces, lingual braces, six month braces, inman aligner, invisalign clearstep etc. The costs vary for each system and will vary depending on the complexity of the treatment. Unfortunately without a full clinical examination, I can’t tell which is the best option for you and what the costs would be. The best thing to do is see a dentist/orthodontist that carries out many types of teeth straightening treatments to find out all of your options.
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