I have a really bad overbite but have been quoted very expensive prices for the work, is there anything else you can suggest?

I am 24 years old and have had a bad overbite since I was a child due to sucking my thumb; I was never offered orthodontic treatment by my dentist when I was younger. Since turning 18 I have been to several dentists as I hate the appearance of my teeth. I originally requested veneers and paid over £1000 to get the imprints done. After this was done I was told that veneers would not be suitable as my overbite would need to be corrected first and I would need to get a brace. The dentist actually said it was the worst overbite she had ever seen. I have had quotes for a ‘Daemon’ brace as my job is client facing and a metal brace wouldn’t look very appropriate and have been quoted around £4000 for the treatment. My wisdom teeth have also come through and my teeth are very overcrowded and the front teeth seemed to have moved sideways and overlap. I can’t afford this. Is there anything you could suggest? Many thanks.
Hi, It is difficult to give you suggestions without seeing you directly. The Damon brace is an excellent system and also comes as ‘Damon Clear’ which is clear (tooth coloured) brackets on the front teeth, so less obvious. You could also consider lingual braces (braces that are attached to the back of the teeth, such as Incognito, that are truly hidden).
While it may seem like a high quote for this work, it is a great investment for your smile, confidence and dental health, plus a lot of orthodontists now offer finance, spreading the payments out over 1-3 years and more manageable monthly amounts.
Good luck
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