I have a silver wire and tooth coloured brackets with no elastic bands, what brace do I have?

hi i had braces fitted yesterday and im just wondering what type my are..they have a silver wire but tooth coloured brackets? i thought they were cosmetic ones but im seeing different images come up for cosmetic ones now! ive got them on my upper and lower teeth,im also just wondering why i dont have to wear an elastic band in my mouth like some people seem to have connected from the bottom and top? thanks
There are many tooth coloured brackets which unless I saw a picture I would not be able to tell you what yours are!
Most patients do require elastics but these are usually worn later on in treatment when you have thicker wires inserted. The elastics help to correct the bite and overall fit of teeth.
I would be surprised if you do not have at least a small phase with elastics. If you want to know the likelihood of this then ask your orthodontist next time you have an appointment.
Hope this helps make thing a bit clearer for you
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