I have flattened teeth that bleed and I need my teeth straightening, can you help me please?

since five years back my right front teeth have become flat and bleeding lightly. I could not be able to chew by my front teeth due to flatness. Sometimes my gum is I find itching and painful & also swollen. I could not be able to smile comfortably due to my red gum and flat teeth. Hence for this i would like your goodself to kindly help me out my problem that i want to straighthen my front teeth anyhow. for this how much will cost and what i need to do to find out good dentistry out here in India? Then how do i get appointment for the treatment since i am living in a remote area far from the city exreame corner of Nagaland state
Hi thank you for your question, I would recommend you have a check up to assess your oral health and get your gum problem sorted out prior to considering teeth straightening treatments as your mouth needs to be in the best possible condition first.
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