I have two fangs growing over my other teeth, what treatment can correct this?

Am 20 years old and a girl who thinks appearance is alot.. and i absolutely hate my teeth.. i never ever smile showing them and always have my hand over my mouth if i laugh!! So im desperate to no the answer to my question please!! Q. i have 2 fangs growing from above my other teeth.. i cant afford a brace and have tried to get one on the nhs but i couldnt because of my age.. my dentist only took one of the teeth out from underneath my left one witch has made it move round abit but still very noticeable.. i was just wondering is there an alternative for me to do??? And is it possible to have them taken out???
It is difficult to assess or advise your situation without seeing you. there is usually always some way in which orthodontics can fix a situation of any kind, in terms of paying for such a procedure I’d ask if you are working at the moment as alot of clinics can ofer finance which can spread the cost of 60 months and/or offering 0% finance also, so ring about and enquire. good luck
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