I like the look of six month smiles, are they actually that good?

Hello Anoop. I have looked at various methods and brace types in terms of orthodontics now for some time and have pondered and dilly dallied all the time also! I am now trying to get to get together a plan of action so I can get this done. I have looked at invisible braces as a nice aesthetic option when I stumbled upon the six month smiles. what I wanted to know was whether or not they are a great option? by this I was wondering that as they fix teeth in six months then why isn’t everyone who has braces not having this treatment. would you consider it a goo treatment worth having?
The popularity of Six Month smiles treatments is the significantly reduced treatment times and using aesthetic brackets and wires.

The technique uses standard orthodontic principles but the focus of the treatment is to straighten the teeth that show in your smile. It does not make any changes to how your back teeth bite which is a much longer process. Most adults are comfortable with how their back teeth fit and only want their front teeth aligned.

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