I need 3/4 teeth moving, will six month smiles be good enough and can I spread the cost?

I am in my forties and have crooked front top teeth which I really want sorted out. I am limited by time as I work abroad on 6/7 month contracts and I have seen the 6 month smile option which seems attractive. Can I pay monthly for this sort of treatment? I am in London from November for a few months. I only need 3/4 teeth moving to straighten them as I have a small gap they can move into. Are there any other options for me? Thank you

Thanks for your question.

I would advise that you see a specialist orthodontist to determine whether you are suitable for the six month smile option and to go through all options that are realistically available to you with the time frame you have.

The options for spreading your treatment costs varies clinic to clinic some do in house payment plans and some provide finance to allow you to spread your treatment cost. We would provide this information out at your consultation appointment.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best in your orthodontic journey.


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