I need a full smile makeover, with braces, veneers and tooth whitening. What should I have first?

I need a full smile makeover, all my teeth are healthy and as far as I can tell I don’t have gum disease in any form as my teeth dont bleed, there’s no inflammation… anyway I was thinking I should start with the brace. my teeth are slightly over lapped and stained as well as one that has a large corner chipped off so I believe a veneer may be adequate for this. What would you say was best both in terms of a brace- basically what brace generally sorts out crooked teeth best/quickest and when would you have the brace, I’d need that veneer, teeth whitening and a brace and as such want the brace to take as little time as is possible for it to do so?
the best way to get started would be
1- braces
2- whitening
3- veneer
for the best results

braces that work in a short amount of time are
-inman aligner
-six month braces
-lingual stb braces

it really depends on your amount of crowding and bite which would be the best option for you and in some cases you may not be an ideal candidate for those. I would recommend you go for a consultation with a dentist that provides all types of orthodontic treatment.

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