I need braces but don’t want to wear them at social events, what are the alternatives?

Hi there! i am interested in straightening out my teeth but i am not keen on wearing braces to social events,

is there an alternative?

My lower jaw teeth are crooked, the top set are not so much an issue.

I read somewhere that you can get braces aligned to the backs of the teeth, would this mean they do not show from the front?

my question is apparently too short to be published and i have ran out of ways to elaborate without putting the audience to sleep haha so I hope this sends

thanks for your time Mr Patel.  

Hello and thank you for your question. There are many discrete ways to straighten your teeth nowadays, including braces on the inside of your teeth. There are very few indications where you cannot have these. I would suggest an orthodontic consultation with a specialist and they assess your suitability.
Good luck and I hope this was of some use to you. 
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