I only need to move one tooth, are conventional braces necessary?

Hello Anoop. I have wondered for some time about braces. I have always refrained from looking into it as all I have ever pictured is the traditional braces like train tracks and I dont want them. I only have one rouge tooth that drifts across. its the right incisor and it drifts across the left so it’s blatantly obvious to all those that meet me! It really knocks my confidence and I’m not sure a full conventional brace is at all necessary to fix what seems like a small problem in moving one tooth only. given the circumstances and with you not being able to see me and the tooth in question what you suggest t solve hos problem as quickly as possible? thanks Dr for your time and considering my question.
Hi there. I completely understand your stance and to me this sounds like a great opportunity to have/case for six month smile braces . These are clear, fixed braces with much shorter treatment times than conventional braces. Obviously you will require a clinical evaluation first in order to verify .
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